Why lock threads? Many times it would be allot easier to just carry on with the same subject matter than to start all over again. The continuity has already been established.
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Not all topics (threads) are locked-up due to age, some are locked-up intentionally for a reason that usually involves inappropriate behavior. Every once in a while I also receive a request from an OP to lock-up their topic.

It is true however the forums have an "Auto-Lock" feature that locks-up any topic after a period of time has transpired since the last post. There are a few good reasons to use this feature, it does contribute to the smooth operation of the forums. When I first enabled the feature I set it for 1 year. Feedback from members however indicated that time-period was too short, so it is currently set for 5 years instead. There was no way to reverse the effects of that initial setting, so a lot of topics are currently locked due to the fact the auto-lock feature was once set at 1 year.

Everybody is welcome to PM me and request to have a topic unlocked. I agree with you that in some cases it might be advantageous to revive an older topic rather than to start a new one. I'll unlock any topic anyone would like unlocked as long as it wasn't locked for a reason other than age, or as long as somebody isn't trying to contact or offer advice to somebody who is no longer a member.


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