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This is my first post at the forum. I am asking for your help, since I´ve become obsessed by the first Longchamp prototype that was unveiled at the Turin car show in 1972. What happened to that car? Was it converted to a 2000-series spec? Does it still exist? In any case I am looking for any information about the car: Pictures, the reasons why the production model was different, the colour of the car and interior(I have only black and white photos of it), anything...

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Why don't you ask Mr Tjaarda what happened to it? When you click on the link button in this sites main page you can click his website and send him an e-mail. I hope that it still works.
As with most prototypes it probably wasn't ment to last and ended up being scrapped, but who knows?

I thought that the Turin show prototype was the only one? Or maybe I´m wrong to refer to it as a 1000-series? It had a completely different kind of bumpers and air dam than any Longchamps that I´ve ever seen. Also slight differences in the front fenders, interior(placement of the heater controls, switches and radio),and vent trims were chromo and more delicate.

The only picture I could find in the net is at

I have more pictures of it from different sources, but probably the most common one is the Wallace A Wyss De Tomaso automobiles pages 152 and 153.
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