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Wellis! Greetings!

Would very much like to see your pic's! I think this is one of those cases where "your mileage may vary"...perhaps a lot!!!

The Longchamp pic's I have show a unit which was rotated 90degrees CCW, a new clearance "notch" was cut/welded in for dist cap clearance, and the holes for one snorkel and vacuum valves appear to have been closed off, or were not there at all.....(not enuf detail in pics to tell for certain!)

I believe that they started life as a 5.0L/5.8L 4V HO air cleaner with or without dual snorkels!

Thanks for the numbers guys!

So as late as 78, the LC got a 71-72-73?
Pantera/Mustang style air cleaner.

After that in the 80's, a mid 80's Ford 4V-HO air cleaner body was used....modified or not....

Some late cars also got a Mercedes Benz (MB) base or "inspired" the 4 clips look very MB-ish. Some bases, based on pic's received) look like Ford bases with the clips added....or they simply were MB bases that resembled Ford bases..... jury is still out on that one......

BUT on these MB clip air cleaners, some got straight snorkel of Ford origin, and some got this crazy 90 degree plastic adapter which Simon posts has a Ford number on it!

I am guessing that this piece is an Aussie or Euro Ford piece, as that number format, while Ford like, is different than US books use.

The 78-PA thing is curious...1978? THe PA would likely translate into some model line and perhaps a warehouse sorting code.... The 9B627 is straight out of the Ford doctrines, and the -AB is revision level, also Ford like.

The versions that I seek are the mid 80's crinkle black painted version that typically had a spun natural aluminum lid, with a decal denoting "5.8 LITRE 4V H.O." origin. In the US, this would be a van or truck engine.

The search continues! Interesting stuff!!!

The silver air cleaner assemblies with the lids held down by clips and the twisted snorkel are sourced from XD and XE Australian Falcons (1979 - 1984). The engines were painted black, the valve covers & air cleaner assemblies were silver. The air cleaners had a "5.8" decal on them. The engines were equipped with Bosch electronic distributors which have a smaller distributor shaft, the Autolite/Motorcraft distributors won't fit.
Well boy howdy!!! That esplains a LOT Lucy!!!

George, thanks for that monster "fill in the blank" bit here!!!!

That explains a couple of things....
1) why the bowls look like they were Ford stampings...similar holes in them for bits and stuff...
2) the odd Ford number on the twisted plastic pieces
3) "when" these may have been used by Ford and by deductive reasoning....when they could be showing up on a Longchamp! (I failed the history test on DeT cars...."when were Longchamps produced!?".... Wink )

I'm going to go out on a limb a little bit and say that the 83-84-85+ Longchamps with the black units, spun alluminium(!) lids, and straight snorkels were sourced from Mustang or Truck/vans with the 5.8L engine. I know these match in some ways, the 5.0L Mustang engines for certain.....just haven't seen any pictures of 5.8 Bronco/truck/van air cleaners yet...!

Thanks for the input!!!

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