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My electric mirrors are past functioning and flop around and no amount of adjusting from me has been able to rectify them, so I am looking to replace them. Again, I'd ideally like to keep the car as original as possible and I believe that the Tornado mirrors I have are original. So my question is do you know if these are available anywhere, or are there similar alternatives that anyone else has sourced. I've had a couple of comments that they are bit ugly and I guess the alternative is replacing them with something better looking anyhow.
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I'd dearly love to find something similar to VW/BMW/Merc with built-in side repeaters but that also looked right on our cars.

Any suggestions.

I don't mind these kind of mods if they look right and improve the car.

BTW, I've just picked up my Jaguar S Type-R rear Brembo calipers for my outboard brake conversion.

Now just waiting for some hubs to come up for sale at the right price.

Also, my custom Crane cam and roller lifters arrived today via Mike Drew in the US so I can complete the bottom end of my 408 stroker.

I might even have a decent car with both show and go by the end of 2008:-)

I've been looking for the same for my Deauville. One is broken, and I agree they aren't the prettiest mirrors.
Watching cars on the street for a couple of years, I've found those on the Audi 80 to be the best donator so far. Those on the late and/or more expensive models are painted. Many new cars now has doorskin-mounted mirrors, but they usually are very big.
Please let me know what you think. I haven't bought or tried any yet.
Have a look at Maserati Quattroporte 3 mirrors.
These are Vitaloni but the bases vary so look carefully. There are some on ebay.

Also some Alfa's used Vitaloni's if you want to keep the same shape. They have different bases, mounted I think on the sides of the doors.
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