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Started on project rust on the Longchamp. Driveline, suspension, brakes, wheels etc, all done. Time for rust and paint.

I've started with the worst areas, front fenders, and most of the rust would not have been there if it had had inner fenders from the factory, don't know how normal that was in 1978. Has anybody ever installed inner fenders in a Longchamp or any other car? I'm not sure where to buy/which would fit best, how to attach?
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Walt, thanks! Amazing that such a thing exists! And that you knew about it! Danke

Jan, thanks for input, that would have been a solution as well

Rocky, Have you seen the price of gas here in Europe ;-) Freight on this one is €18, OK I won't get them until November, but that's not a problem for me

Pleasant surprise of the week
Hhmm, damn inner fenders don't fit. Not even close. Width at top of inside of my fenders is about 26 cm, and the received Lokari inner fenders are 40 cm.

They've offered to take them back or to take them back and modify them as per my measurements.

Has the Longchamp design inside fenders changed over the years? Has anybody fitted Lokari or other inner fenders to their Longchamp? If none, I'll return them.

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