I must change the NSS on my 1975 Longchamp. The backup lights are not working when in "R". Motor starts perfect in "P" an "N" . Looks very easy on Mustangs because they have more work-space. On a Longchamp there is an extra frame around the tranny so no way to work on the switch. Is there a Longchamp owner out there who successfully could have dismantled and changed that switch ? If so, what is the trick ?
Thanks a lot in advance
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I dont remember exactly but is there not a door into the center tunnel under the carpet between tunnel and chair ?

Is there energy on the backup ligts when in,,R"?
somethimes both bulbs are failed because bad connection.
Thanks Simon,
the door to the tunnel could be the "trick". I'll check if it's there. First, of course a very good hint, is to check if the bulbs get energy in "R".
I'll keep you updated.
When no energy on the bulbs , check if there is energy on one of the 2 wirings from the backup light switch , when there is energy connect those 2 to eachoter and control the bulbs .

About the tunnel door , it's possible I make a mistake on a Aston Martin.
I checked if there is energy coming to the bulbs...and no...not constantly. It gets power when I play slightly with the shifter forward into "P" direction. In pure "R" position there's no power on the bulbs. I don't hope that one of those brass rolls is out of its position inside of the switch. Then it's a bigger operation. For that I got to get to the switch (and find the door). Perhaps it's just a shifter adjustment issue (I really hope so).
I think it's the switch.
the next problem , maybe the neutral switch also failed.

Ford C4- C6 backuplight/neutral swich

and yes, there is a door. I found it when trying to work on the switch from above right behind the motor compartment. Sometimes it's good to work when it's dark outside. My flash light discovered 4 bolts that must come from the inside right next to the gas pedal. I'll dismantle the cover tomorrow and first try to adjust the switch with those two screws by loosen them and move the switch a little bit to one side or the other and tighten them. All I will adjust when it's in "P" position. Let's see if I can solve the problem without buying a new switch. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again for the "door hint". Walt
New switches are not expensive.
Becarefull that you adjust the switch correct.
Its very dangerous when the engine start whit the lever into ,,drive"position.
O.K. I'll be careful. I don't want to make a Longjump with my Longchamp. While working on the switch it remains in "P" position.
FYI, that's the door to the NSS of the Longchamp (thanks to Simon). I was hoping to get to both screws...but no...only to the one on top. For the other I must lift the car up. The door is a very good idea if you want to make some adjustments but to dismantle and change the switch ?! Until now, I don't see a chance. Let's see tomorrow.

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