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Suprisingly I have few leads already and I feel fairly confident it will work out.

Re: Bushings,

I got everything but the roll bar bushings from the Maseratisource(QP III/Longchamp set), who puts them up on ebay every now and then(price, very fair). He has his own web page too. Roll bar bushings from Roland (I might get the spidle from him too). I have to say, I´m glad that when ever it gets tricky to find something, Roland will bail me out...

My rear is in a pretty good shape (the car, I mean), so we did only the front, which most definately wasn´t. Maseratisource should have the parts for the rear too, as QP III parts should do the trick. I did not need the steering bushes, but again you should find the necessary parts from Maseratisource, as you have the ZF-rack.
I just had a look at Maseratisource's ePay shop and noted the QP111 parts.

Have you checked his non-eBay home page too? A lots of nice stuff..

I thought you had asked George to add a seperate Longchamp/Deuville Parts For Sale & wanted page?

I wasn´t that specific. But the description of the Other De Tomaos cars for sale and wanted reads: "Members advertising Other DeTomaso cars and parts wanted or cars and parts for sale. Advertisers are asked to please include pictures, pricing and contact info."

Did you read on the POCA reflector of the current Longchamp parts + car available on ePay?

I did, and I have already bought some parts from him.

I just bought a pair of QP III spindles from another source, that should fit my car. It is not 100% certain, but the price was too good for not to take the chance.
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