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The problem is I don't know the dimensions of the old bush. From pulling the top part of the column apart it looks like the bush is missing altogether. I'd say someone has had a go at fixing it before and given up. The next step is to pull the whole column out and tear it apart to see if the bush has slid down the shaft and is sitting at the bottom of the inner tube.

I am very interested in how Transmitter Man goes with his E39 column conversion. Please keep me posted on any updates....
My BMW column will it seems need some serious shortening.

A local hot rod builder looked over everything yesterday and thinks he can turn the car around in a day minus electrics.

I'll look after the latter myself.

I'll take some photo's when done.

Momo produces a steering wheel boss kit to fit the E39 beemer and I should receive that sometime next week.

"I'll be back"

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