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Fyi, one of the great things about these switches; they are perfect fits for the Ducellier bezel...And also a bargain at 11 euros each. The part number is an FAE 62540 (Spanish), I bought mine at  but google found them also at . Wiring is simple, middle pin is ground, outside pins 1 and 5 go to the motor, pins 2 and 4 are ground. Swap pins 1 and 5 if the up of the switch doesn't match the motor.

Construction is much more robust than the original Ducellier switch on my Goose. Application is listed as Peugot 504 and Citroen CS25. 

  The only because I did a goofy thing and bought 3....and even goofier, the 3rd one had a different printing--instead of a very nice looking white printing, it had a very cheap impression with a silver metallic outline.

 The white printing is slightly different in shape (a little longer, a little thinner) than the Ducellier---but after swapping the bezel, only a neurotic will be able to tell the difference...So worth buying 3 Leefae 62540

2 versions of FAE switch


Images (2)
  • fae 62540
  • 2 versions of FAE switch: left is FAE with desirable printing, right is FAE with cheap print
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