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Hi. Just bought a Longchamp, looks good next to my Pantera. Cool
The plan is to have the Longchamp as the daily driver.
Well, half the electrics don't work, so I need a wiring diagram. My Finnish friend Jani has sent me a scan of a Deauville wiring diagram which helps, but is there really not a Longchamp wiring diagram out there?

By the way, my car is 3017, a 1978, very stock.
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Welcome Mikael,

I cannot help you with the leccy diagram but one of the posters here may pop up and be able to help.

our numbers are close.

My car was first registered in 79 with chassis number 3061.

So we both have the desirable series 3 car.

Post a few photo's please.

Auto or stick?

Any mods planned?

Welcome to Italian electrics.

i'm planning to have a new loom made for my car deleting some of the junk controls around the dash and introducing a modern fuse box!. The latter IMO I think is the cause of many a problem.

79 Longchamp GTS 3061
Hi Phil
It's Auto, which I want for my daily driver. It's pretty stock, but I really like the colour combination, Blue/white. No mods planned except getting everything to work, that'll take a while. Rust 4-5 places.

I'm not sure how to post pics, but here's the link to the seller, they still have it:

What is series 1, 2 and 3? When did it switch, and what's the difference?
Your car was advertised previously with a red prioject one:

Rough classification would be: 1000-series cars were the preproduction prototypes. First production cars were 2000-series, with thin chrome bumbers, stronger mounting for the rear subframe and chassis numbers 2001 forward. 3000-series had different steering rack, engine further rearward in the chassis, etc. Chassis numbers 3001 and forward. I´m sure people on this board can add to that list.

Here´s a link for some rust repair on a Longchamp:

Congratulations for your purchase!
Hi Mikael,

Welcome and I hope you will enjoy your Longchamp soon.

Me being from Holland I have tried to locate as many as possible DT cars over the past few years here. Which was that Longchamp that you were looking at?

The wiring scan is a good help but only an indication. My Deauville has an extra 4 fuses in the fusebox which are not on the diagram. And as for the colours of thee wires, so far I had about 50% match the diagram!
It does keep me focused and I am really getting to know my Deauville!

The Holley was indeed an option from the factory. Most of the DT that were imported into Holland ( about 38 deauvilles, 15 longchamp and 15 Panteras) were retrofitted by the importer usually before delivery to the customer or within the first few months.

I know the mechanic well who delivered and serviced them all from 1973 up to 1993 and he told me that they ran better with Holleys and that the only reason for retrofitting was money!
Instead of the factory the importer was cashing in on the Holley option.
Who can blaim them?
Thanks for the quick response Mikael.
I know that one quite good actually. I checked it out myself when he first put it up for sale over a year ago. Don't know if it sold but I assume it did since it hasn't been advertised for some months now. It was in decent shape technically and the interior as well but the body had the usual tell tale rust around the arches and the bottom on both of the screens.
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