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The factory is closed, and most everything has been sold. What is still there are all the paperwork items, I have been trying to get them to box up things like the drawings and all the assembly documentation.

That said, Santiago and my aunt go to the factory everyday for the most part. They still have the miniture horses and there is always something todo. While there, Santiago produced a couple of items that I had asked for, an owners manual for the longchamp, sales material and the like. While he was looking around, he handed me the parts book, and the factory floor assembly instructions, but it seems that I must have put it down in his office. If you have ever been there, it is a mess.

OK on the factory.

So who has all of that stock of a few years ago, racks and racks of parts, Campag's and even complete Pantera bodyshells?

My money is on that they went to the US.

Oh well, all we can do is to continue to keep the marque alive.

Thanks again Jani for the wiring diagram even if we have to try and get it onto at least A3:-)

79 Longchamp GTS 3061
Not sure where the racks and Racks of stuff went, when I went in 2006, there was very little left in the parts room where sergi ruled the roost. I can recall back in 1984, I was sent to get a T for the front of one of the panteras. I was told that we had been given one aready and that "he was not going to provide more than one per car!" If you need another go get one off one of the other cars.
I later discovered that he was a big Formula one person, and the F cars had lost that morning and he was mad.
Hi Guys,

I seem also to have need for a wiring diagram as I have started to pull apart my steering column and have found that the wiring is a bit of a mess. I'd like to have it cleaned up but there are not many auto electricians these days that are interested in this sort of work, especially without a wiring diargram.

If it is emailable, you can get it to me on

Many thanks.
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