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David is one of the most knowledgeable, technically expert Pantera people I have come across in the 20 years I have been involved in the De Tomaso community. This car is his labour of love that he has been perfecting for many, many years. I'm sorry to see him selling it - the amount of thought, research and perfectionism that has gone into it is simply on another level. To reproduce it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if it were even possible.

Ted I am in Alberta and grew up in Saskatchewan there is a yellow and black 73 I saw at the Warmen car show. It needed some work, if I recall it was a transition car with a dual pod dash but could be wrong. I am unsure if it was the owner or a friend that had it there. The name was Glen Nystuen from Saskatoon. Someone had reupholstered the seats and they had yellow piping on them. I had seen it at a couple car shows in the summer. It might be a lead that is close to you to look into.

Also there was this one that failed to sell from Calgary on BAT awhile back. BAT might be able to put you in contact with the seller. It was member @ea3528 on here, but they have not been active on here for a period of time. I should add that he was moving further west to Kelowna.

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I am very pleased to hear that. Any emissions restrictions will be federal. Sask only requires the safety and our tax on used cars.

I keep reading about a federal exemption for cars 25 years old and older. Maybe this is what they are talking about. The import information provided by the Feds does not specify Exempt “from what??”

I have imported Motorhomes without any trouble. Access to the US market provides a much better selection.

25 years for the US, but it was always 15 years for Canada, where the exemption applies to meeting federal requirements i.e. less than 15 years must be on the list of RIV approved vehicles. Even +15 year old kit cars are allowed to enter if one can prove date of first registration.

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