I am looking for an original replacement dash for my recently purchased 74 L. It must be in very good to excellant condition. Mine is cracked and I'm told cannot be restored. I'm not interested in carbon fiber (at least not yet) or any make do fixes.
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MB Lotus,
Theres a company in Orange County called Just Dashs. They have a website. I had inquired on how much for a dash for my 74 since it's cracked like yours. I would have to pull it out and send it to them. They would send it back to me 8 weeks later. Cost about a $1,000. This info is about 6 mo. old.
Thanks Dougo,
I found their website on Google. They are in Van Nuys, and quoted a price of $800 for black and about 8 weeks turnaround time. I also searched some restoration sites that reference Just Dashes, all had very high praise for their work. I will check them out the next time I pass through Van Nuys, but it sounds like a very good deal to me.
I'm sorry, I thought they were in Orange County.
I look at so many places to have things done on the car, buying parts, etc... Can't keep track.
I have a great leather guy down here in Ventura. He did a rerap of leather on my steering wheel...Made it a little thicker to fit my hands , excellent job. I spoke to him about doing my dash in leather and also part of the center console. I would get it done right now, but I can't stand to have the interior taken apart...Won't be able to drive it!!
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