Mangusta 8MA-1036 under restoration. I'm looking for some interior parts. Does anybody has for sale

- armrests

- door panels (made of 2 pieces)

armrests and door panels (made of 2 pieces)

- surrounding of the ashtray

- panels behind the seats

- plastic "protection" located at the front of the door




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Your arrow pointing to the rectangular thing in the middle, is actually the surround for the shifter opening in the console.  It is hand formed aluminum with leather covering.

The panels front of the doors, on the sides below the dash, are not plastic (at least in my car!) but are again thin aluminum withe leather covering.

The door top pieces are tin covered with leather so could be made easily.

Door panels can be hand made...

Arm rests are wood I believe.....  Check with Johnny Woods....seem to recall that he refinished some......quite nicely!


Hi Steve

Thank you for your reply. I was already in contact with Johnny but he's so busy - no chance. And the problem is that I don't have another Mangusta where I can copy all these interior parts. And to copy it from a picture is not cool. So it would be the best way to buy an old interior...

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