I am trying to get a hold of Joe Abe to get the VIN of his late model narrow body. I  would really like to add the car to the registries because the more narrow-body cars in the 9000 VIN range the fewer wide-bodies. This will help us establish total production numbers, which is still a big mystery with the later cars.

If anyone can put me in touch with Joe, please PM me. Thanks!

- Peter



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Thanks to Julian who did some online detective work, I was able to contact Joe Abe's office (he is a dentist). They gave me his email address so I sent him an email a couple of days ago, but have received no response so far.

He used to run with Mad Dog's crew but Dennis says he has lost touch with him.

Chuck, you mean to say you took photos of the engine compartment and didn't get one of the windshield VIN tag? That is the first rule of photos for Registry submission! 

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