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I am trying to get a hold of Joe Abe to get the VIN of his late model narrow body. I  would really like to add the car to the registries because the more narrow-body cars in the 9000 VIN range the fewer wide-bodies. This will help us establish total production numbers, which is still a big mystery with the later cars.

If anyone can put me in touch with Joe, please PM me. Thanks!

- Peter



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  • Unknown600Pits1mVegas2004FridayTrack111Melton
  • Unknown600Pits2mVegas2004FridayTrack097Melton
  • Unknown600T1mVegas2004FridayTrack170Melton
  • Unknown600T3mVegas2004FridayTrack154Melton
  • Unknown600T4mVegas2004FridayTrack138Melton
  • Unknown600T5mVegas2004FridayTrack196Melton
  • Unknown600E1mVegas2004FridayTrack219Melton
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