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I tried to see if I could warm up to the big bumpers on my 74... but the long pointy front just bothers me too much. And I've already done too much to the car to sell and get an earlier year even if I could find one that is comparable to mine. I've thought about the Amerisport ones, and I think they are fantastically designed, but in the front, they still stick out too far for me. Just curious if anybody has a set of the stainless or chrome or even black ones looking to part with before I buy a new set from vendors. Thanks.

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E1B01C29-6567-4ED2-A1AE-9C47100CD39768FC6021-828F-4F91-B66E-D262BAD2C5DEI have a set of the square bumpers if you are interested . I originally bought off eBay a couple of years ago not knowing at the time that there were square and round pre-L bumpers. My car had the round bumpers so the squares would not work without mods. Not sure how mounting works for a 74 though since you have the rubber bumper. Shashi


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Forgive my ignorance as I’m still a newish Pantera owner but since I have the turn signals lower on my car, I don’t think those front bumpers (as much as I love the integrated ones!) won’t work on my car. I’m just looking for the bumperettes without the light housing. Are those only the euro style? I suppose the rear ones would work if you’d sell separately though...

@Riley posted:

In that picture, it looks like the rear bumper is sticking out past the body... is that normal?

The bumper had just been installed in that photo and is not in its final position. I needed to train the rubber trim to stay put and will adjust the bumper for the correct fit shortly. That rubber trim can be difficult get in place initially and it tends to come off the corners and go back to being straight until trained.

Thanks, I guess I missed that post in my chrome bumper search. The first set of photos looked pretty off fitment-wise, but the second batch on the red car looked a lot better. I'd be happy with that fitment I think. If I can't find anybody with the stainless bumpers, then I guess I'll order that set from Harrington.

...Real Nice Looking Kat! There's NO Substitute for Red! You Kind'a Don't want to put the 'L' Bumpers Back On, Do You? Front, Rear Bumpers, (4) Struts and Hardware, must total at or near 100 pounds. Took it ALL off years ago. I Could  Not Imagine, Nor ever Do, cruising at higher speeds on desert roads, carrying That much DEAD Steel and Rubber! The Pre-L Bumpers are Only Good for Show...In My Opinion, I Suppose they May keep some paint from being scratched! Rock-Nicks.

In My Fraternity, Removing Any Bumpers, Make the Lines of the Vehicle look 'Clean and Sanitary'.  MJ

P.S. Even GP Took them Off!

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