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Thank you for noticing. We have sold the following cars in the last 4 weeks:
1) 1972 Pantera average body condition, some imperfections. 17 inch wheels and various upgrades. $35,000.00
2) 1972 highly upgraded Pantera with aluminum block, GT5 interior, 17 inch wheels in excellent condition. $62,000.00.
3) 1974 Pantera. 427 Hammer PI Motorsports engine, 17 inch wheels, many upgrades: Approximately $40,000.00.
4) 1969 DeTomaso Mangusta. Above average condition. Many upgrades. Excellent paint and body: $55,000
5) 1968 DeTomaso Vallelunga. Original condition. Not restored. $75,000.00.
6) 1974 Group 4 conversion in all steel. High quality restoration with Weber carburetors: Approximately $55,000.00.
If you are thinking about selling your car, please call us to discuss market conditions and what PI Motorsports can do for you.
The roller CAV is for sale at a Canadian firm. We have a complete car with a Hammer 427 = 500+ HP with a fresh ZF. The car is sinfully fast and beautiful. The owner would consider trades. I have always thought my Pantera was reasonably fast, however, I have driven this car and it is obscene how quick and light on its feet it is. Check this link for more information: CAV GT w/Hammer engine


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