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Fellow Canadians, Canadian Tire has the best jack for our cars on sale this week. Great price, great tool. Have had mine for 3 yrs, don't know how I would have done without it.


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Thanks Denis. You saved me a drive to NY.

I've been looking for for new ones for a while. In FL I dropped into a Harbor Freight to check out the 4 or 5 that they had on sale. They lift 4" higher which is an advantage for me. But of course you have to be in the US to buy them!

For this price I'll go check them out at CTC!
A few years back, Costco had a Torin Black Jack low profile unit that I picked up on sale, it goes from 3 7/16 - 17 7/8 with a 6000lb capacity - so I can also use it when I'm changing the wheels on my truck in the winter/spring. They currently have a model for $99 that does 4" - 18" and has a twin pump for faster raising (or so the box says).

To save myself a little grief getting the jack under the front end, I've built a pair of 2" step ramps out of pine, I just line them up with the wheels, drive up and go from there (the jack would still fit under without the ramps, but it just makes things a little easier to see when I'm lining the jack up)
I went to Harbor Freight today and bought out their supply of 2 ton aluminum jacks. It cost 1/4 the price of the one at Sears in Canada and goes from 3.25" - 18.75" in just a few strokes.

Love that Harbor Frieght store and the folks who work there. When I arrived, as I passed by some young dude carrying boxes I pleasantly nodded "How ya doin'?" to which he replied in unique American style, "Livin' the dream!"

Oh yeah, it cost $175 in gas to get there and back. And then I had the pleasure of paying and additional 30% to our Canadian officials at the border.

And it still ended up costing so much less than everything does here. God Bless America.


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That's a great deal on an aluminum, low-profile, high-rise, rapid-lift jack! Even with the gas and duties you've done well.

I was going to say that I'm jealous that you have a Harbor Freight within driving distance, but I just checked their locations and it looks like the closest is 3h26m for you while their Niagara Falls location is less than 2h30m from me ... I suppose you're the one that should be jealous Wink
I acquired a low profile jack from NAPA here in Canada. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but it has worked very well.


Line code NLE
Part number 7916402
Description Floor Jack
Lift Capacity:2 Ton
Closed Height:2-3/4"
Raised Height:19-5/8"
Lift Distance:18"
Saddle Diameter:5"
Weight:90 lbs
Dimensions:31" L x 16" W x 8 1/4" H
Warranty 2 Years


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