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Clean out continues!    Here is a set of three new hoses, of which you only will need two.....but I do not recall which of the smaller 90's is needed, so you get them both for the same price......  $35. Trim to fit.

Nominal shipping depending on where you live...... Hopefully I can fit them in a flat rate padded envelope.....for best local shipping rates.  International should garner regular first class shipping up to 4lbs.

Hose on the left runs from water pump inlet to one of the under car tubes.  One of the RH versions connects from the bottom of the metal "Y" pipe to the other under car tube.

This left hand hose while similar to Ford small block versions used in other cars, it isn't. The smaller end is too small to connect to the stock radiators in the Ford cars, but it is the 1-3/8" size for the Goose tubing.


Thanks for looking!


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