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Yesterday, Riley and I took our Panteras to Malibu Country Mart Cars and Coffee and met some friends there.  That afternoon I received this video of us pulling in at about 8am and some kind words.  Occasionally, we see another one or two Panteras but most of the time, it's just us.  We always get a great deal of attention.   After the video starts and opens with the red Ferrari, we're right afterwards.

(99) Lamborghini Diablo SV Wakes Up Malibu! (×2 Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari Dino, LB Huracan, and More!) - YouTube

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Lots of beautiful cars for sure, and not to take away from any of them, or the event, but I wonder when those admiring stares will turn into scowls out there since they are not electric! CA on the FAST TRACK to elimination of anything wasting fossil fuels. Now they want to eliminate natural gas from newly built homes.

Again, sorry if I disrupt.

I don’t know where you are, but there’s none of that here, the show was great, and everybody appreciated all the mix of cars, old and new, domestic and foreign, beaters and exotics. Having grown up in Detroit, it’s one of the great things about Southern California — there’s a mix of everything and it’s all enjoyed and celebrated. Nobody is looking down or sideways at anybody else because of the car they have or don’t have. Too bad you weren’t here to experience it, but if it means one less car here to increase traffic, then we’re all for whatever keeps people away :-)

Oh man, never seen one of those. Very cool. And those yellow wheels. There was a gorgeous Spyker there, and a Koeniggsegg last weekend, with a REAL Shelby Cobra that the owner drives and takes to the track... but then I'd spend just as much time talking to the guy with the brown AMX with over 200K miles on it.

@larryw posted:

We've got a decent C&C here in Portsmouth NH that meets on the first Sunday of the warmer months. Each time it seems at least one real treat shows up, there's been Bugattis, a Cheetah, a street legal Indy Car, this time it was a Stratos. Never seen one before.  

Always Loved the Cheetah, I would Trade My Pantera for one! lol

...I was Watching to see just how many of the Exotic Cars had the FRONT License plate. I saw 2 or 3. I Admire the Rebellion against Them. In California the fine for No Front plate is Only $197.00...And Biker-Cop wasn't do'in anything, how could He?

In the Name Of Beautification, I'll Gladly Pay the fine! We don't need no Stinkin Plate!


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I have never run with a front plate on 2511, and over 50,000 miles of driving.

(Same for my F-150’s the last 25 years)  

I did receive a no front plate fix-it ticket many years ago, but it was an add-on to the speeding charge. 😉

I hadn’t heard it is now no longer a freebie but a $200 fine. Whatever, I’m good with that.


Very nice show. Looked like pretty much stock Panteras, a rarity. In the OC area they kicked us out of the Crystal Cove C&C by the ocean years ago then kicked us out of the Irvine C&C. A few shows around now such as the Supercars By the Sea in Huntington but nothing like the old days anymore. At one recent small meeting near Laguna they ticked over 200 cars under the new ticket happy loud exhaust laws. But still its fun to cruise PCH nonetheless, I just keep it in 5th at 1200 RPM. Yeah there's much more electric around too, stinkin Teslas are fast as heck. I suppose they will try and weed us gasmonkeys out by making gas more and more expensive over the next 10 years.

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