Hi, looking for sides windows glasses, rear deck glasses, front turn signals, steering wheel, some gauges, european headlights,rear bumpers, seats, etc
to rebuilt the mangusta body i just bought

contact Didier : mangusta_dd *at* hotmail.com
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If you manage to locate side glass, please share with me, as I too require them.

I understood that possible a member from the UK DeTomaso club was considering having some made. If not, perhaps I will undertake the project and have several sets made.

mark *at* markscars.ca
THe usual guru of Mangusta fixes & parts is Steve Liebenow in Santa Clara CA. Try his e-mail address <steven.liebenow (at) att.net> Steve's '69 is an almost daily driver and has logged eight separate 1100 mile road trips to & from the Las Vegas Fun Rally, often by himself, without once calling a tow truck!
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