Does anyone know any of the engine block casting numbers and date codes for the 289 hi-po engines used in the Mangusta. At some point in time someone replaced my 289 hi-po with a 1972 Mustang engine. I would like to build the correct 289 hi-po engine for my car. However, I need to know what block casting number and date code I need to be on the look out for.

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You are looking for a late 1967 or early 1968 dated 289 hipo block. Casting number C5AE-E, also may have orange paint on rear of block as an identifier.

Seriously, I doubt that you will ever find one with all the correct parts you would want, intake, heads, distributor, harmonic balancer. This would have been sold over the counter at Ford for the most part.

If you really want to build something "close" to it, use a Mexican 302 block, and then add all the rest of the external parts. I have a short block assy currently, but it is dated 1970 I believe.

Otherwise, your 72 engine will go just as the mean time. Otherwise you may never get the car rolling again! IMHO!

Thanks, I was just checking to see if there were any other casting numbers used on Mangustas beside the 1965 Casting for Full size ford cars "A".
The Mustang engine is ready to go, as soon as I get the correct flywheel (Mcleod is making it).

The 289 hi-po is a long term project. I will get an ordinary 289 and install Mexican cap and the rest of the items to make it as close to an original hi-po as possible.

Thanks again
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