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Hello.I have bought last year in the UK where it had just been imported from the States, a Mangusta # 8MA1242.The car is a 1970 European LHD 4 lights, red/black, AC, in very good order and in quite original condition.
But the papers relating to the history of the car had been lost during transportation.
Would anyone know something about this car which I fell in love with...
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While I have no specific history on your car beyond a cryptic listing as 'red paint, owned by Griffin Motors in Virginia (USA)' in the '80s, the last 52-or-so partially built Mangustas (from about 8MA-1192 onward so it includes your 'Goose) were completed on consignment from DeTomaso to the concessionaire's shop in Stuttgart, Germany and sold thru them after being finished. They were built with certain specific 'local' parts such as Mercedes e-brake handles that differ from the other 348-or so Mangustas built entirely in Italy. Some may have cast aluminum Campagnolo wheels rather than the look-alike cast-magnesium Campys used originally.
These last of their kind sports cars also apparently include all the right-hand-drive machines sold to the U.K. A peculiarity of Mangusta serial numbers is, only even numbers were used. The last known car was 8MA-1302, a right-hand-drive machine now in Australia titled as a '72.

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