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Mangusta 8MA 1120 is scheduled for auction at Coys of UK on January 18th with an estimate of EUR120,000-135,000. It might be an interesting benchmark to compare against the recent sale of Johnathan Root's car at Bonham's for US equivalent of $331,000.

Chuck's registry shows this one for sale in Germany last December for EUR149,000

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I will too. Jonathan's green Mangusta while not 100 points, was a stunning car, to be sure.

Although several other cars on the market at the same time had substantial price increases the day after the December Bonham's auction, I'm not aware of any Mangustas selling since then at anything close to the price achieved — or at all in fact. I suspect that the 2-headlight car at Coys will see a substantially smaller price.

Should we start a pool? I'll go in at $170K. I can always edit this post afterwards with the exact selling price. Big Grin


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