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Hello and thank you for your interest.

I just purchased the 25/1 transmission  as I require it for the build of my GT40. The housing came with it. All I know is that the transmission was overhauled directly by ZF about 25 years ago and sold by a Ferrari dealer to the person I have purchased it of. It has been in storage since then. The outer transmission shows no wear at all. Same goes for the internal gears, which I have been able to confirm by now. Sorry, but that is all I know.

I have found out that the bell housing fits an 289 crank case (pitures added). However, I'd be surprised if the mounting holes were any different on an 302 crank case.

For now I have recieved rough figures on how much I should be expecting. Price is depending on demand and offers. I will have to purchase a different style bellhousing for the build of my GT40, which is why I depend on the highest offer. I hopy it sounds fair to everyone.

Best regards, Markus

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3.9.21  Edited to remove brainfart......

The later 289 engine block and 302 engine blocks have the same bolt pattern.  What differs is the ability to carry a larger diameter flywheel and pressure plate assembly.  This being the later casting, should take at least a 10.5" clutch assembly and "maybe" an 11" disc.  The pressure plate is what can interfere with the bellhousing when you go larger.

At this point, you would come to the decision based upon at what amount you can purchase a GT40 bellhousing.     This bellhousing you have is a late production 302 version. How many cars had this piece???? Unknown.  You would need other members to chime in on the way that their cars are built.

It may be easier simply to keep this piece and use it....... (did I say that!????)    Again, I have no idea how easy it is to find a SBF bellhousing for a GT40 these days.

Anyone else out there with a single arm (LH) bellhousing that can chime in with a serial number for reference?


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Wow! What a brainfart on my part!  OF COURSE the alternator hangs off of the normal alternator mounting point!   ......for some reason, #878 appears to have been built with the alternator mounted where the smog pump would normally be...... If it wasn't built that way, someone did a marvelous job of shortening the wiring to the point that I couldn't put it in the "normal" location if I wanted to.....and all of the original connectors were still intact with no apparent splices !

Thanks for the realignment!


It would appear that Fernando's bellhousing is an early Pantera version, ie "pushbutton" car where the dash 1 ZF is mounted right side down...... (upside down) compared to the GOose and I believe the GT40.

You can see in your pictures and Fernando's, where the bolt pattern differs.  It is wider at the top than it is on the bottom on the Goose pictures, and opposite on the Pantera version.

If you want to run your trans upside down for ground clearance, that would be an option, but your rear mounting of the ZF would need to be changed away from what was used on the GT40 if memory serves me right this time!


Very nice work!!

Reference photos of "two ear"  bellhousing likely used in most Mangustas.

If I was asked for my opinion, I would make this two eared version.....and simply machine off unused smog pump/alternate alternator wing on RH side if not needed.  NO ONE is going to fault some extra casting bits showing up.

Cut both wings off and redrill ZF pattern for early Pantera.....and or GT40's as well!   This would maximize sales potential of what must be crazy foundry costs!

Earliest Mangusta bellhousings had smaller diameter body, to use with smaller diameter 289 flywheel/clutch assy.  This version here could be easily substituted along with the 1968 302 steel block plate....and no one would be the wiser!!!   Starter position would need to be dealt with......minute change there as well!  (change flywheel!)

Great to see these hard to find parts being redone!


Here is pic illustrating "right side up" mounting of ZF in the Goose.


Possibly the last good bellhousing leaving the factory back in about 1996-1997!   (There were some blem'd versions left on the shelf......porosity issues......!


Images (2)
  • Pictures_00008: Shows clearly ZF mounting pattern
  • GiovanniBellhousingscan: One of Last Original Bellhousings leaving factory!
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