Set of 5 new hoses from Mangusta International,  for front two piston Girling calipers, rear two piston Girling calipers, and the clutch slave cylinder.  These are braided stainless reinforced lines with clear coating, and Brake Quip reinforced connector ends. VERY nicely done!

If your car is still running OEM black rubber lines....consider replacing them with a modern alternative! Last thing you need is a failed stop....!

My car being one that invoked Murphy's Law at every turn, couldn't use the rears, as I had Fiat-Girling 3 piston calipers (different fitting at caliper end!), and the original clutch slave cylinder had been modified to fit a different hose end. It had just been bored and relined with brass, so I wasn't about to replace it just to make this hose fit...!  I think I had already done the front lines at some prior they were good.

$125 for the set.

I'll cover shipping in US, International will be actual First Class rate.


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