Greetings all!

I'd like to extend a welcome to someone that's trying to dust off his car
and get it back on the road after too many years sitting around!!! (familys
do that sort of thing!)

Steve Klunk is the proud second owner of a 69 model that is fairly original
to the best of his knowledge, aside from paint, low mileage, and he sez
that the heater and AC still work!!! He, the family, and the car, reside
north of the Golden Gate Bridge, TOOO close to where I found my car!!!!
They would have been on the streets about the same time too!

Here's the deal, his brakes have a problem. He has the proportioning valve
that is in the rear brake system, that is mounted on the inside of the RH
rear framerail next to the oilpan. His appears to be cracked and is
leaking. He cannot get it apart.

Here's the problem. I believe that I may have purchased the last one of
these from Italy, back when I was travelling.... Hall is out, the rollover
car does not appear to have one.... and the old one that I have is locked
up solid!!!! (Can't get the big nut/plug out to take it apart!!!)

Does anyone have a spare proportioning valve to sell???? How about a
suitable fix that you used on your car???? You can respond back to Steve
directly at "" and please copy me too for the records.
He has gone through everything else and it sounds like this is one of the
last bits to complete before hitting the road again!!!!

I will be forwarding the partnumber info, manufacturer, plus the factory
phone numbers to him, but I have this hunch that we'll be barking up an
empty tree!!!

A good easy fix would be something to have, as my valve was locked up, this
one is, so how about yours???? I would bet that an adjustable valve would
be a good solution too, and perhaps the most likely solution. However, I'd
like to hear from others on this first! No sense reinventing the wheel!

It is rumored that some cars do not have this valve. If you have one of
these later versions, (at least past MA878-my car) what does your car have
instead?????? Anything????? I'd like to know this, because if we don't
need them, then that fixes things quickly! I know my front tires start to
haze before the rears even seem to get warm!!! But then with only about 150
miles in my drivers seat, who am I to say!!!!

Yesterday, I had asked about which of your cars did or did not have factory
rear proportioning valves.

So far, here's the spread on rear proportioning valves....

#796 Checked in with NO valve.

#1010 (9/69 production, so a 1970 model year car) WITH a valve.

Hmmmmm, so earlies, no, lates yes??

Keep 'em coming please!

For any of you with early cars (and lates), do you experience any locking
of fronts or rears in heavy applications of foot???? (My car,#878(1/69
production) -with valve- tends to lock the fronts up more quickly....)
Let me know what you experience, and if you do or do not have this valve in
place. I sure would like to know if I can remove mine and perhaps better
balance my brakes!

Steve Liebenow
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