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Rolf, welcome to the forum.  What is your VIN?  The company records have been acquired by a gentleman in Europe and his ask is quite high. Alternately another gentleman has a selected list of records at a more reasonable price.  
all the best


see an older thread on build sheets:

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Great Rolf, There is nothing on Provamo (and there was nothing on  any of the former registries either QV500 and Mangusta International).  I have sent a note to my contact. Will keep you posted .  In the mean time, care to share some information on you and your car?  How did you find it? What shape is it in?


Hi Denis
So my name is Rolf from Switzerland and i ownd this Mangusta just some weeks. The car was first registred in Switzerland in Nov.69 and has just 3 Swiss owner since, so i am the 4th. The car is in perfect order with a very spezial
(Cobra) engin with 4Weber, very fast. I Iike to know more from the early life and the original specifications, now his red like in 69 and has brown Interieur. I am happy for all information of car.
Thanks Rolf

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Beautiful car, Rolf. 8ma534 is definitely an early car, one of the first ~dozen known to still survive. Would love to see more pictures.

Btw, the red looks great. But in case there is no luck tracking back thru the first 3 owners on paint color, the next way is to look under door panels for glimpses of original overspray. But at least, the 'as born' color is really not that important here- (Provamo has an 'ad' that lists my car as once Yellow, and though I love yellow i went back with red only because it was always the red (I've been over every millimeter of the car naked, it was never yellow...darn!).

If someone starts hinting that they have a build sheet that shows incredible detail about special components on the car--be careful to get a guarantee on the  information first before paying for the 'proof...'  I'd heard a story once from someone I trust...Lee

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Rolf,  here is what I got back.

“Hello Denis,

I do not have any documents concerning 534 but I am aware of its history. 534 spent its whole life in Switzerland. The original colour was red. 534 was imported in 1969 to Switzerland. Approximately 1973 it was purchased by Hans Keigel. Keigel changed the colour from red to black. 534 was running on Webers. The condition of 534 during the ownership of Keigel deteriorated. On October 2017 Keigel sold it to another Swiss whose name I do not know. I also do not know if the new owner restored it or not in the meantime. The only thing I know is that he changed the colour back again to red.

Denis, if you have more information that what I mentioned above, I will be very glad if you le t me know. Particularly interesting for me is where is 534  today.”

Rolf, get in contact with the Swiss Pantera Club. I doubt they would have paperwork but certainly they will have contacts and ressources

All the best


Great car Rolf, and welcome to the forum.  I also fitted Webers to mine but transferred back to the original 4bbl.  Did you re-locate your alternator down low at the front? For your information it is possible to run a jackshaft (but not the original) so you can have alternator and A/C compressor as in a standard car if that's what you wanted. You have to fabricate but quite a simple process if you want details.

And if you were offered the build sheet from "Mr Vito" for €750 you're lucky, he quoted me €3,000 a long while back!!!  But not sure he's had many takers.  I too was told of certain "special features" for my car that Lee mentions.  I didn't proceed.

Good luck with your car, it's beautiful.


Larry (8MA 1028) in UK.

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