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"1-A " 


I will reply with other pictures, dimensions, curvature, and modifications I have made to improve the fitment of the hurriedly cut original carpeting as I progress. 

The basic premise is that my upholstery guy (very popular) said NOT to copy the originals. Instead, I have been instructed to cut every piece oversize, and then trim to fit. Then I bring it to them for binding around the edges.

JMM3, I'm curious also--how close was the Wilton 1-A carpet to the original? I've resigned myself to re-replacing mine...Hirsch reports that Covid has at least temporarily closed the mill that makes the Wilton 1-A, and my good news is that the only hurry I am is to know if its worth waiting for (!) Otherwise, it seems that most suppliers have a "321" Haargarn (just a little salty) but another called "Charcoal"...I've realized that calling the carpet "black" is just not right (!) Lee


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  • global upholstery haargarn
  • haargarn charcoal world upholstery
  • haargarn relicate
  • 8ma1074 carpet

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