The challenges of getting a 40 year old car that hasn't been maintained all to well back into fighting shape!

Does anyone have, or has anyone written drawn, a diagram of the entire set of cooling system components from front to back and how they are connected?

Went out to test drive new QA1 shocks/springs in Goose today and was greeted with a lot of steam coming from the lower center console area under the dash (heater hose??) at about 50-60 MPH and high RPM. I also had quite a bit of steam and coolant spewing from the front of the motor but imagine that could very well have been from the forward leak as it was pushed back or a second leak. Obviously a leak somewhere in the system, but hard to pinpint where because there were no major puddles under the Goose.

Would appreciate a diagram/list of components and any insights those of you who have refurbed cooling system might have to offer.

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Hi, I wish I had a diagram to send you, I would like to find one myself. I do however have 8MA514 stripped down to almost nothing and if I can track down what you need I would be more than happy to. Just ask. I have a number of pictures of underside if that would help.
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I tool a look at my goose today to try and map out the system for you. Unfortunately it is very difficult to track the hoses without taking off the firewall bulk head. From what I can see it is a complicated system of hoses. I could not see the termination of three hoses which may possibly to to the heater. These are marked "heater?" on my diagram. My car has what appears to be shut off valves, one on each side of the car. One even connects to the pressure tank of my cooling system. I'll attach some photos that may help you figure out my diagram. Please excuse my poor diagram drawing skills (or lack of)


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Great drawing! Looks like one I made!!! However, I found that the connections are a bit different. On the car that I used for my drawing, the LH water valve (Driver side in the pic) was connected to the top of the intake manifold, and the bottom of the fill tank was connected to the small fitting on the metal "Y" pipe that connects the water outlet to the tube heading to the front of the car.

I believe that somewhere along the line, and I'm not saying that what you have is wrong... but two additional "Y" junctions were added before the two shut-off valves, so that when the valves were closed, water was still able to circulate thru the pump and not cause cavitation.

Car #944 has the extra Y-pieces, as I was able to see that heater hose system up close and personal last week when we packed it in boxes for a trip to the UK!

I really need to make a drawing and post it....SOON!

I have reduced my hoses to a minimum, and moved the switches up into the cabin for ease of operations. Cleaned up some of the mess in the engine bay!

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