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@Dave S. posted:

Hi, Dave here from Australia (1973 Aussie Falcon owner) it seems that the info says it has a 302 but with a 4v carb; i assume that would be an Australian-supplied 302C  2v engine with a 4 barrel carb  (er..i could easily be wrong) regardless, those Mangustas are magnificent.

It is a 68 302 4v J code engine. A "Windsor" head with a hydraulic camshaft.

I want to see one put on the scales. Those spec's seem heavy to me.

The mostly steel body, full sized spare tire on a steel wheel and a battery w/tools far to the rear has 'some' influence. I've always heard 'over 3100 lbs' wet, like a pre-L Pantera. With 55 yr old shocks and 50-profile tires, around 5" of clearance at the lower bellhousing flange. Thats why a skid plate is an invaluable accessory.

Note- These results may not be applicable to other Geese. Mainly due to the 1991 5.0 with factory Ford fuel injection. Aluminum heads. Rear mounted oil cooler. No spare tire. Unknown amount of fuel. Aftermarket mufflers. The list goes on and on.

Sitting flat? The garage floor has a few degrees of slope so water can drain. Also the car has not been corner weighted or aligned. Ride height was set using my precision eye balls, no measuring.

I made sure to shake the car around to release any strain that might be messing with the weight distribution.

2869 lb

Driver Front- 571 Passenger Front- 566

Driver Rear- 842 Passenger Rear- 889

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