Anyone have pictures of the Mangusta's Emergency hand brake system under the chassis? Mine came apart but I think that I have most of the parts except the cables. They also removed the pully/pivot which I think was welded to the chassis.
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Thanks for the reply Mark. I'm looking for a picture of how the pulley/swivel that is welded to the chassis mounts. This is the contraption that the hand brake cable attaches to and pulls the cables attached to the rear calipers.
Thanks Mark! Just what I was looking for. The economy has caused a slow down in the car market so I decided to strip the undercarriage of my 'goose and paint it. The parking brake was removed by the previous owner but I have most of the pieces and am planning to reinstall it.

Does your car have a parking brake cable tensioner on the front near the radiator hoses?
Dennis, sorry about the market, but I'm selfishly happy that you are holding the Goose a bit longer! It will rebound eventually, as I have no plans to sell. If I do, I'll give you plenty of notice so you can avoid the subsequent crash. Wink

I'll have a look for the tensioner. If it's what I thought it was, I had assumed it was related to my non-rising headlamps.

We were marketing the car to ease an anticipated move to the mainland. Financially, we don't have to part with her, in fact my wife is glad that no one bought it. Geese in good condition are rare, the prices will no doubt go up when the economy cycles up again.
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