Mangusta 8MA-1036 under restoration. I'm looking for some interior parts. Does anybody has for sale

- a pair of engine heat covers

engine heat covers


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I have a set of original covers that you can have, HOWEVER, they were modified to clear one of those "70's small triangular (lo flow!) high performance" air filter units..... (Engine was raised, so air cleaner didn't fit under shields!)

There is a small section cut out of each where the inner front stanchions would attach.  This would need to be patched back in.......

I believe I also have a set of drawings that I made for the guy in Mexico, who used them to make new ones as his were "lost".....



Steve - that would be great :-)))) Do you have a picture of the original covers? Please let me also know how much I have to pay for the covers and the transport to Switzerland. I could pay by paypal.

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