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It seems finding the firewall padding for a goose is quite a challenge...

Yesterday I was unplugging the battery tender on the 1966 230SL to take her for a drive and noticed the firewall padding (replaced a few years ago) is quite similar to that on the Mangusta... not quite as thick, but certainly in the ball park.  These are still readily available in the MB world.

I'm thinking, if I can track down the supplier the retailer buys from it might be possible to either buy a roll of it or have them cut some to size.

I'm missing the ones on both sides of the engine and can imagine I'm not the only one in need of replacement pieces.  I know this is a difficult area to access, but aside from those two pieces, my engine and interior are out, so I can get measurements for the others.  I can put them into CAD to either plot out or use for laser cutting or waterjet cutting.  Can anyone one else get measurements and/or pictures of the two on the sides of the engine?

Is anyone interested in possibly doing to bulk purchase as I'm sure that would reduce the costs for all.

This is the padding on the firewall of my SL




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