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Perhaps both?

That car was bought in 2006 from a PA dealer for $45K or something like that. A quick (or maybe not so quick?) paint job is all that seems to have been done since purchase. The interior and engine bay look the same as before. It has Pantera seats.


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  • dtrmang0938g

You have that all WRONG!!! Your Pantera has Mangusta seats...... Smiler))

Remember who came first, the Goose or the egg!

Nice car, but I think the guy is brain dead. Car was pretty nice when prev owner had it! To pay good $$$ for a car, then invest the kind of money that he did, only to resell the car is sorta odd. To expect over twice the value that he paid is silly for just a paint job.

As you say, all he did was paint. No mention of any suspension being verified, brakes, bearings.....nada.

I think I have spoken to him once and although a nice guy, a bit misdirected.....

But then, there are fools and their money....

Steve, You're alive! And what a flurry of activity today!

Hey, the guy is only doing what he thinks the market will bear. It will be interesting to see what happens with the bidding, but the Goose that Hyman Ltd has been trying to sell at $92k ( ) has been there for months now at that price. I guess because they moved two for close to $100K shortly before, it seemed like a good price. Of course it is 50% more than they paid for the car when they bought it, but then they didn't even have to do paint on it (but it DOES have Mangusta seats! Wink ).

If I had a goose I might be happy with the asking price situation. I don't so I'm not.

Considering the potential cost of replacement parts for it, particularly the sheet metal, I'd have to stay away from all of them.

$125k wouldn't be so far fetched except for the lousy economy now. Now I would think that the answer to it's value is cash talks, nobody walks. If it sells it will sell in Euros. They are killing the US dollar.

Even at $50,000 this AM, it would be a hard sell. Now WaMu is gone this morning. Next is it going to be the US Federal Reserve? Are they going to sell it to an offshore consortium?

Now is not the time to sell a house or a classic car. These prices mean nothing under these circumstances. It is a buyers market to say the least.
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