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Hi all, this is going to sound like a very basic question,  but how do you control the heat from the Heater (not AC) on a Goose?  

Reason I ask is that my car never had the centre console cover fitted (had interior stripped to some degree), and from what I can see has also never been retrimmed.  Behind the ashtray it had 3 slots with Ferrari Dino / Daytona style sliders for hot cold  and direction (x 2 same) .  I’m pretty convinced they were a later edition as I have never seen another car with those sliders or anything behind ashtray.  The trim lines follow right to rear bulkhead with nothing there.
Does anyone else have these sliders or seen them?

But it got me to think how do you control the temp of the heater under dash?  
The lever is the directional and it only has 2 hose outlets to side which are windscreen vents, does the Cabin air just vent out front and below the heater assembly?.  It has the fan switches on dash and the under dash AC does the rest.  But I can't see where you'd regulate the heat (altho I appreciate that may be a relative term!)
Where is the hot / cold control???
And should there be a legend / writing on front panel of heater?
Car is currently in for trim so I just need to confirm 100% that the sliders shouldn’t be there (I’m also asking because everything points to my car being one of the German assembled cars so I know these were different and I don't know if this was one of those differences - hadn't heard of it before)
As usual, any help will be gratefully received


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  • Mangusta Heater Front Panel
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I don't think I've ever seen those controls on another Mangusta.  The fan speed switch is in the bank of switches, the 2 flap controls are on the left side of the heater assembly and temperature on the right.

The heater was adopted from a Mini Innocenti(ni), its just that crude--with a single on/off for the fan (completely independent of the other under-dash system, the Ayacsa AC unit). The only levers to control the heater are the ones that open the engine decklids and let you manually roll the bypass valves...

I have no idea at all for the in-dash systems starting at 8ma1100--Lee

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Thanks guys, a Austin / Morris  Mini heater was the first thing that I thought but of course they would have used the Italian version.  I have to look closer (car isn't with me at moment) as I'm sure there were no controls on the side and I did wonder if the heater valve in engine bay was the control.

Should it be blank on the front panel with no writing (unlike the Mini) ?


Fascinating...  Perhaps one of the levers went to the valves in the engine bay to regulate the flow a bit so it wasn't just "On" or "Off", the 2nd lever switched between defrost and cabin with the third switch for fan speed?   

Personally, I would retain it as it is unique and from the era.  If it were a cheap obvious hack i would go back to factory configuration, but these look like nicely chosen and executed period correct mods.


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