I was able to locate a local (San Jose, CA) source for stainless 1 3/8"
tubing, .065" wall thickness. (Thick compared to vendor stuff!) It is
welded (has a seam) and is not a high luster finish, more like a satin, and
it is annealed (not hardened!) so will provide for some working of the
material. All this and under $10/ft. A Goose needs two pieces aprox 6ft in
length for the two pieces in the center spine.

I also would like to get the pipe piece at the front of the motor, that
connects the t-stat housing outlet to the lower spine tube,and also to the
overflow tank, made out of this material. I plan on taking a chunk of this
pipe to a competent muffler bender and see what can be done. If it looks
good, I may contact a guy back east that made up my stock exhaust for my
Fairlane wagon out of aluminized pipe. SUPER job and all thru the mail and
via pieces I sent to him to copy!

Here lies my problem. I need an example of this pipe to copy! My car came
with a conglomeration of rubber hoses, splices, hardware store fittings,
etc. that was supposed to do the same job, but is failing miserably and is
not something I can say "here copy this!"

I can't even plan on getting my motor put back in until the end of the
monthish for test fitting, so would need to beg/borrow/buy one of these for
use. Time frame is probably for up to 3 months, but plan for 6! (GOAL here
is to be at Vegas in April.....) However, I can probably do Vegas with my
conglomeration thing.... but WOULD LIKE to have the real thing.... already

Please advise if any of you have one of these tubes for me to use/buy. A
perforated one would be fine, it does not have to be good, only have the
original shape.

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