Dear Mangusta friends

For my 8MA-1036

I'm still looking for some used

- rear lights housings
- a pair of engine heat covers
- interior parts like armrests, door panels (made of 2 pieces), surrounding of the ashtray, panels behind the seats and the plastic "protection" located at the front of the door

For any offers please contact me:



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I had one missing and I had it made by Santiago in Italy, but I had to bring it to him. It was $$ but I wanted something really close to original. They are not very complex pieces so I can get you the dimensions.
Chris, what do you mean by the "plastic protection?"

The leather behind the seats was not on a panel, it is leather over very thin padding. The passenger side does have an elastic pocket, the driver's side is plain. Maybe someone can help with a dimension of the pocket height.

It seems there is not even 1 Mangusta that has been parted in all the world (!). Even the parts for the race cars seemed to have disappeared...! Lee
Not exactly parted out but PI Motorsports (Jerry Sackett) once had the One-Lap 'Goose that was rolled, then stripped at PI, then rebuilt by others into a racer. So those stripped parts went somewhere & maybe a few are still there!
Later PIM also had a Goose that burned to the ground (unknown s/n) and while all soft parts were surely destroyed, steel things like window mechanisms probably are just heat-warped at worst.

Bottom line- call Jerry; most vendors are too busy trying to make a living to monitor any web site.
I have a set of the engine shields, but they have been modified, with only three of the mounting points still available. Forth would need to be repaired/fabricated back in...... Frowner


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