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Originally posted by Pantera 4134:
I hope that this means that you are going to sell that junior “F” car and add a Goose to your collection.

I'm selling Junior F car, but not for a Goose unless they're laying golden eggs.

Much as I love the looks, I'm not of a mind-set to be an owner. I WISH I knew the VIN on this one that sold, but only got the world's longest list of 'sold' cars (for SCM Magazine next month). If this was Sheehan's black Goose, that price has got to make the ex-owner sick.
Hello Everyone The Monterey goose sold for 68500 including 10% buyer premium. It previously sold at a RM florida auction last march or so for 76500 with 10% buyer premium.The car had been sitting for years and needed full mechanical redo.The florida buyer got it running for the Monterey Auction so lost big time after the 10% buyers premium.Jerry 8MA542,8MA822,8MA1126,8MA1256,THPNM2222
Thanks Mangustaman! So, a guy buys a $90grand car highly prone to overheat, 'forgets' to turn the fans on and its Sheehan's fault. Though some aren't that fond of Mike, imagine the crud he goes through, so I say 'salute' for doing what was overly 'right'.

Anyway, $85grand is mildly encouraging, even though presumably much more than that was spent restoring the car. It was/is beautiful.
I believe this is correct. The Pantera (around $70K) sold with the Mangusta to the same buyer. I'm still puzzled by this sale- I offered him over 90K over the phone for the Mangusta pending my viewing the car and he sold the car for less to someone else....? I would think the car's owner would have wanted to sell it for the highest amount...? Oh well, I will find another...
The price realized for the Mangusta was unusually low even in this down-market. I have felt for years and published this many times before that an auction is a bad venue to sell a DeTomaso automobile. Nearly every completed auction result I have seen on DeTomaso cars has been less than market price, irregardless of the auctioneer.
Most of the problem can also be traced to the miserable placement of the auctioned car in the auction schedule. Rarely does a DeTomaso automobile go over the block at "prime-time" when the peanut gallery is liquored-up. The Tom Tjaarda Pantera was an exception but that was hardly a typical Pantera and has anybody ever verified that this was a bona-fide sale? It seems as though that car popped up again at a subsequent auction. Does anybody know for certain the Tjaarda Pantera was purchased by a private party?
The Alexander Fysche 'Goose sale in Europe at auction was a strong result last year as an exception to my comments. However, it was a great example of the breed.
I have been advised by several sources that Mangustas are changing hands now at or over the century mark between private parties. The last Mangusta we sold was for more than the reported auction and in driver type condition.
We have one Mangusta for sale now, the "Vector" Mangusta that might be worth considering for the collector or to return to the street.
The Vector Mangusta
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