A Happy New Year to youse all!!!!

Koji, a Goose owner in Japan, wrote and asked me for "optimal" suspension
settings for the Goose. He does have the spec's that were published (from
the factory) on the rear cover of the POCA monthly already, but is
concerned that there are "better" settings.

The stock Goose coil-over shocks were not adjustable originally, so offer
no way to change the suspension characteristics, unless you consider adding
shims an easy way to do this...

His comment:

I have that issue.. However, the factory setting is very different from
optimal setting usually. (and it is very true for Pantera) so I figure
the best thing to do is ask owners to find out their latest trick for
Goose. It has been more than 35 years since they design the Goose so
someone should have better result than factory. My GT5-S Pantera has
totally different set up from factory and it run 100% better so I am
hoping the Goose would be the same.

If anyone has had their car to the shop lately and bothered to write down
their final settings, AND has an impression of how the car performs here...
let me know and I'll pass it on to Koji! My car is due for this same
operation as soon as I get done relubing my unibal joints and replacing the
rock hard rubber boots!! .... and of course putting the engine back in...
blah blah blah....!

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