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Sixteen 'Geese

That's De Tomaso and Giugiaro.

alejandro & giorgio

Dana Hansen's 'Goose below.

Dana Hansen

Daryl Adam's 'Goose below. Parked next to a Riva (Italian boats).


John Middleton's 'Goose below came very close to winning the best of event the year this picture was taken.


Ed Chu's 'Goose below. Aloha.

Ed Chu's Mangusta

Eric Goplen's 'Goose below. The judges liked this car. I feel it had a fair chance of taking the "Best of Show" award if the owner hadn't confided to the judge and spectators that the paint wasn't an original color. Argh!

erik_goplen 2007

Tom Galli & Bud Millard's 'Geese below.
Galli's 'Goose was formerly owned by Willy Mays, the baseball star.

galli millard

Glen Cramer's 'Goose below, Wilkinson did the restoration.

glenn_cramer 2006

Jeff Cobb and his "Goose below,
formerly owned by Ford head of design Gene Bordinat.


Red 'Goose from New Mexico below.

mangusta red

Dick Ruzzin's 'Goose below.
Formerly owned by the GM head of design, Bill Mitchell.
The 'Goose was equipped with a Corvette engine by the De Tomaso factory.


Another silver 'Goose … the fastest color.

silver mangusta

That's Steve below circling the track at Pahrump (Spring Mountain?)

steve liebenow

Steve Girard's 'Goose below won the Best of Show at the Concorso Italiano in 2017, a first for a De Tomaso.

Winner 2017

… and below is a canary yellow 'Goose, photo taken in 2006.
I've forgotten the owners name. As I remember it was for sale.



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  • de tomaso & giugiaro
  • Dana Hansen
  • daryl adams
  • John Middleton
  • Ed Chu
  • erik goplen 2007
  • galli & millard
  • glenn cramer 2006
  • jeff cobb
  • mangusta red
  • dick ruzzin
  • silver mangusta
  • steve liebenow
  • Winner 2017
  • yellow mangusta 2006
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