Mangusta - seeking comments regarding my plans for dashboard upholstrey.

As usual I approach the issue of Mangusta originality with some trepidation. Clearly many features, parts & hardware varied throughout the model build, but many of these cars were serviced, repaired and/or modified so enthusiastically, it's often hard to know what's what.

Case in point is the dash on 1010.  As purchased, the top, face, and lower edge  'padding' was all covered in black vinyl, beautifully stitched and assembled, but worn and scratched in various places.  In comparing the pattern to Pantera vinyl, it was an EXACT match, although the texture was a bit smoother (i.e., less relief). 

So several years back I stripped the old vinyl off and replaced it with fresh 'Pantera' material. In the process I DID find one section of leather underneath the vinyl on the exterior of the glove box, but shrugged that off at the time, and forged ahead with the naugahyde anyway. 

Unfortunately, I've concluded now that was probably a goof - - at the least, the dash face should be leather (fwiw this leather seems to be remarkably consistent in texture for all cars, and it is different than the major leather interior bits such as console, seats, door panels, and kick panels).  So the vinyl will be torn off (again) and replaced with leather this time.....

As for the dash top, I long believed DeTomaso used 'mouse fur' inconsistently.  Thinking now, however, that it was actually the standard material. Is this possible?

As for the bottom pads (see pics), the jury is still out!  From photos online it looks like these are leather on most if not all original cars, that would certainly  make good sense.  On several cars showing mouse fur dash tops, however, they are also covered in mouse fur.

What do you think!?  My vinyl pads are so nice I'm going with them regardless of the truth

Goose dash driver's side

Goose dash right lower corner


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The mouse fur as you call it was black suede that covers the entire top panel, it can be removed to expose everything behind the vertical leather covered dash panel.  The black suede was used on the Mangusta as well as many other special cars to diminish reflections in the windshield, which it does very well. The Mangusta had the fastest windshield at 66 degrees of any other car, actually a first in the global industry.

You do not state the finish of your naugahyde but anything other than the matte suede will exagerate reflections, that does not help when driving.


Nate, at least the original cover on the dash front was bare leather. Lower cost leather is usually textured, but I think the correct leather for the Mangusta is without texture...Here is a picture of '1046 (I'd like to think I am gradually uploading a picture of every square inch of the car...but (sniff) never took enough pictures of the car...! Lee



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The mouse fur as you call it was black suede that covers the entire top panel.

 I have been planning to recover my dash in mouse fur, but haven't done so since I have heard various versions of "which" mouse fur is most accurate.  

 Has anyone come to conclusions on this?

Thanks gents, really appreciate your comments.  Several years ago there was discussion on Ferrari Chat from Jay (JM3), trying to determine what was the original Mangusta dash top material. The material is apparently similar to what was used on 246 Dinos (and possibly Daytonas), but NOT the same.   The original Dino dash material faded and deteriorated rapidly.  Although the Mangusta material was different, it might have had similar durability problems.  For years the Dino group had no source of OEM material, but that was resolved c. 2011 and fwiw the Dino material is probably still available from specialist "HVL" in the Netherlands (

So back to the Goose, a few thoughts/possibilities:

a) 'Alcantara' synthetic suede, actually made in Italy - available in various colors; marketed by ReOriginals in black for some Maserati applications.  Problem? Per Wikipiedea not invented until the 'early 70s'; could not have been on early Mangusta.

b) Real suede leather - problem? gets dirty and stays dirty.

c) 'Ultrasuede' - similar to Alcantata (same Japanese inventor, created in 1970).

d) Some other synthetic material - -  I THINK Jay described the Dino material as 'fake suede' and characterized Mangusta material as 'flocked vinyl'.  So that opens other possibilities.

Sorry I can't pin this down any better yet, regards to all, Nate

Nate, 8MA1244 has a leather top dash with a seam at the edge, but the headliner is 'mousehair/suede' tuck&roll headliner. Who know what they did at the factory Like Steve says YMMV.

Mark Charllton has sourced very close to original material.


The original owner told me that my car definitely had a mouse fur/suede dashtop from the factory (the car now has the same leather as the rest of the interior).

Are we reasonably sure  that it was black, not charcoal or gray?


Denis, any more info on what Mark found?




I have worked in the textile industry for the last fifty years, have used thousands of yards of Ultrasuede and many of the other synthetic suedes on the market and have been getting a very nice synthetic suede for many members of the Jaguar forums for Alcantara headliner and 'A' pillar replacements for the last few years.  If you go the Ultrasuede route (this is a brand name for a continuous filament synthetic suede), I would just caution that it has a tendency to "pill" when rubbed enough times (as in when you would wipe or vacuum it down).  It is also very expensive from about $80-120/running yard at 54" width for the upholstery grade (as there is lighter weight apparel grade as well).  The suede I have been getting for members of the Jaguar forum is called Passion Suede.  it is a woven fabric, so it is strong. It has a very nice nap (very suedelike look), comes in over a 100 colors, and runs under $5.00/running yard at 60" width.  It is a wonderful microfibre suede of which I have personally used thousands of yards for clients for couches and chair upholstery over the years.  I usually have some pieces laying around, leftover from a project or job, so if you'd like a sample just let me know, and I'll send it to you.  I am assuming you want black but maybe not.  I just finished using it to reline the front trunk on my Pantera, and will next be recovering the rear tub in the same.  Without a single negative comment, every Jaguar Forum member to whom I've  ever sent it has been surprised at the quality and price.  Let me know if I can help.  When last I bought it a couple of months ago, my source charge $4.95/yd.


Hi guys, 

My car is 1114 and the dash materials are definitely original. The face leather (and also the same for the lower trim section) is a fairly textured leather as shown below.

The dash top is "mouse fur/hair" and it is NOT the same as Alcantera. It has zero "grain" and does appear to be a man-made material. I sourced an almost identical product from orange auto upholstery in LA. I will try to post a photo later of the two materials (old and new) together but I can't at the moment.


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