Given the recent posts about Mangusta AC details, here is a 'serpentine' type condenser from Ebay that looks like a good replacement for OEM if you need a a new one:

Available from several sellers.....dimensionally very similar to OEM so it MIGHT be directly adaptable to the original brackets, worst case you should be able to re-drill the stock brackets to make it work!!

In the 3rd image you can see four holes drilled out ~6mm for the bracket bolts.  The 2nd image shows the brackets in the correct place, tho no bolts are installed.   I never had OEM brackets, so the parts illustrated are replicas, bent from 3 x 20mm bar stock.  Interestingly, the mounting studs on my car don't make a perfect rectangle - - one is about 10mm misplaced, that's why the bracket end holes had to be a bit wonky (see right side).  Anyway the whole assembly slips beautifully into place and while I don't expect ANY better cooling than stock, this seems like a good option that maintains the general look of the original system. 

Connections are #8 in, #6 out (like stock), but O-ring vice flare. Also it's painted black so maybe it will hold up better than uncoated condensers seem to on Mangustas? 

So far liking it way better than other non-serpentine options out there!! 

a condensor back side from website

Brackets in position

Condensor 1


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