My car 8MA 1028 was a race car and seems to have lost all the internals within the door for lifting the windows. It (currently) runs sliding plexiglass.
I know the Pantera guys have done both AeroStar and Taurus modifications but has anyone tried using other parts on a Mangusta? If so what make?

Also does anyone know if the Pantera regulators fit the Mangusta?
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They are not exactly the same, but might be made to work. The motor and Ducellier transmission are the same, and it just might be that the basic plate these are mounted to are close enough as a start to make something for the Goose. But I do remember that the spacing of the support wheels is different (I bought some pieces off a Pantera window to replace just the rubber wheels).

Just in case you have a pile of Ghibli parts, these pieces may also be the same...


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good luck for pictures here

If there is a difference on the bracket holding the motor/spring/transmission from the Goose part, I cannot see it. The attaching assembly (here the stuff in zinc plating) do have differences (straight vs. curved arm, longer space between the rollers)...but unless you are lucky and find a Goose stash, the Pantera pieces seem like the way to start..Lee
Just for fun...See this for an interesting Mangusta window motor replacement... I don't suppose there are many Mangustas in Asia, but this one is an interesting project...

See also the blog, which I'm sure is more interesting if you understand Hiragana..

So desu ne! The car has a 351W. Keep watching the videos, see the modified rear suspension...replacement of the umbrella parking brake...replaced throttle cable...and a tidy replacement of the power brake vacuum line...
Lee thanks fro all your help and pointers. So I bought the Ebay Pantera stash and this has now been delivered plus Mr Wilkinson supplied me with the opposite side regulator and guide bracket. Because I can't find look thru a boneyard and see if the Aerostar motors are 3 or 4 hole I bought 2 Taurus motors off Ebay with integral gears and have the article from Pantera Parts to begin with! So now the easy bit, fitting it all together.......
V8Jet, I collected the Ford motors but decided simply to restore the originals...

Pantera motors are steadily available, as well later Alfa motors can be used. The Ducellier transmission is also very simple. It could be that a lot of "slow" motors were just because the grease inside had caked after 50 years. And it may be a nice thing to have the emergency crank capability after all Wink Lee
The Pantera glass drop would never fit the Mangusta. Use the Pantera (Ford Taurus) motors, convert from 3 to2 wires. Don't forget that the Mangusta side glass does not go all the way down.

Why not restore it as a racecar? Does it have a good history?

Dick, apologies, I thought I'd reply to this already. Short answer is that it was originally a road car and converted (although the series it races in only allows limited changes so it is in effect a lightened road car, with a cage and tuned engine, around 420hp. It's been in club racing rather than any landmark races or results, so no specific notable history beyond we believe it's the only Mangusta circuit racing in Europe.
As we've gone through the car it's apparent that some of the components which are unique to the Mangusta could easily become "consumables" and then be both expensive and difficult to replace. Then there's always the inevitable risk from accidents and then it gets really interesting, fabricating parts like the rear engine covers. And remember it rains a lot in UK and we still race no matter what the conditions!

It isn't the Blue car, that is, I believe, a Hillclimb car not a circuit racer. It also looks much more heavily modified as does the Yellow Belgian car.

I've decided to do some regularity rallies before I change it fully. In Europe (and Italy in particular, they allow quite a lot of freedom, often closed roads).
The car will be submitted for FIA HTP papers this winter and essentially that means 4 x 48IDA webers. Nothing that can't be changed back.

The car is currently in Italy as I'm departing tomorrow to do the Targa Florio Classic in Sicily. Around competitive 420 miles. Only De Tomaso completing let alone only Mangusta!
Sadly the Webers haven't arrived in time....
I'll post some pictures when I get back!

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