I think Lee is right on the VIN#...  the ever-fluctuating dash arrangement is identical to 898.  This one has that weird electric antenna.  The Shelby valve covers are interesting...  Carb throttle on the drivers side too...  Mileage looks to be 31,584.  I didn't see where the price was listed, but if they're asking 269k  the math doesn't work out to be viable at current prices after a 100k restoration.  It sadly needs a LOT.  It does appear the console is included based solely off one pic of it's underside.  Where on earth he'd find the right side quarter window is anyone's guess.

It certainly appears restorable, but the math just doesn't work @ 269k...  I think for that $$$ one could fine candidates in far better shape.  That being said, I hope it finds a good home and gets restored.




 Here is what is fun--note the smallest of variations on the dash, esp that the window switches are 2 singles, not the paired Ducellier that would otherwise be placed above the cigarette lighter....I'm assuming that this is not a replacement, that the earlier pair would have created a solid hole--so makes a total of 4 dash variations for the Goose (AC in the dash after ~8ma1100, switches down in the first cars, up in the 8ma900's, and now This one! 

 Other clues on the serial: The AC condenser fan blade is the later multi-blade (plastic with the Motorcraft motor?), M!ke your car has a different motor and 4-blade metal fan (that I assume all earlier cars had...!).  Single piece buckets and 2 piece door cards...umbrella parking brake and pulls on the door locks...64308004-770-0@2X

  The carb is wrong and backwards, and I think the manifold replaced...hard to tell if there is an original air cleaner...I'm still curious if the Lucas 4ST solenoid was really shipped from the factory (finally I decided the 4ST found on '1076 must have been a service replacement, as I can tell the date code was 1971--which on a 1970 car means the Lucas 2ST must have really kept up Lucas's reputation for reliability ). Note also that odd Mangusta emblem on the AC (but the one we're used to on the engine cover).

  Still, just wonderful to see another car unearthed...and if someone can find glass and a grille, could once again be a great car. Lucky for me, the garage is full and the wallet empty--Lee   




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898 has the two separate window switches like this one.  Yes, I do have the metal multi-blade condenser fan and this one has the plastic.  You've got a good memory!

Looks like the headlight surrounds are missing too.  I was also wondering if they had the air cleaner...  we all know how pricey THAT piece is... 

It'd be interesting to know it's VIN just so we could place it more accurately.



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M!ke, I took some time looking at Provamo;

  - the window switches were the (1) piece Ducellier until about ~8ma810 (804 has single piece, 8ma820 has 2 singles). 

 - switches went from "down" to "up" between 8ma950 and 962. 

 - AC went from underdash to in-dash at 8ma1100. 

- seats went to 1 piece with 8ma798.

- door panels went from 1 piece to 2 piece around 8ma700. 

- AC fan seemed to go from 4 blade metal to white plastic between 898 and 936. There was another change around ~8ma1100 to the shrouded yellow plastic fan.

...unless, of course, your car is different For example, 3 AC vents appear haphazardly in several cars... Lee



This car is 8Ma850. The asking price is rather optimistic considering the $100K that will be needed to make it a solid $350K car (on a good day — if that's where the market is for a nice freshly restored Mangusta. The vendor stated to me that he has sold two cars for much, much more this year, but I know of a few cars that have been sold for much less than their asking. I will, of course, watch with interest.

It may take more then 100 to finish this car and resale may not stay at 3 to 350, plus even if you could get it for 100, who wants to have this car apart in the garage for 5 to 10 years?

Where are those parts going to come from, a parts car?

Typical dealer BS. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

That's the type of car that you buy privately with a little cash and a trade of a running car involved, like a 5 year old Corvette.

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