Very sorry to hear of the damage. Those guys (posters above) are long gone. Well, actually not I guess, as the top one is Jerry at PIM. Have you contacted Steve Liebenow or Wilkinsons? I saw a post by Chuck Melton on the POCA list for you I assume.

I wish you great fortune in finding such rare items. If your door glass is undamaged and you end up with an extra, I would be very interested in one, as mine is plexiglass now.
sorry to hear about the damage on such a rare beast. How bad is the door, maybe consider having a professional reskin it for you?

Larry Stock was working on getting glass made up for the Goose, maybe give him a call.
.... and if worse comes to worst, vendor Larry Stock at PPC-Reno has a complete fiberglas mold for making entire Mangusta bodies. Doors, hood and rear clamshell molds are separate so he can make only those, or the whole car. Not quite stock-steel, but better than missing body panels!
The last that I heard from Ben, he had located some doors and needed to check their condition and if the door glass was intact as his was shattered. I think that his main problem will be the headlight bucket which he may have to have fabbed.
I got a set of doors and glass from a guy in California. The doors were nearly complete and rust free. The doors were from earlier goose. The headlight bucket was repaired and now works fine. The car is being stripped and repainted yellow. When its done it should be better than new. Ben
I have a spare right mangusta door with window. I got a spare driver's window from NOS from Roland Jaeckel in Germany. The left rear wheel which was bent was replaced from one obtained on e-bay. Turn signals are available from I found that they are the same as a Maserati ghibli according to Roland in Germany. I found a set of chrome bullet style side mirror lights from England. Just locating the parts took 5 months. Hall Pantera has some door shells and a left headlight bucket assembly. The hardest part was locating the door glass. So I am keeping an extra set just in case. If I could not find a door glass the car would have been totaled by the insurance company.
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