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Good morning all from the UK,

we (Simon Furlonger Cars) are just working through a Mangusta restoration, so you'll probably see quite a few posts from us!

Just running through the lights, and have noticed that the side repeaters are the only lamps that aren't Carello. We believe the car to be pretty original, but obviously things go missing over the years! The current repeaters are made by Leart, model 1170. Is this what other people have fitted before I start hunting for Carello units?

Many thanks,


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..that is unusual, isn't it? What year is the car? As I see the Leart 1170 on ebay, it seems these would not have the screws thru the fenders, do the fenders not have matching holes?  The Leart types were for later Ferrari, I think, and I think the Goose only used Carello (round lens, then later the flat top lens..)--Lee

The Leart version more closely resembles the "round dome" lamps used on the earliest of cars. Perhaps some Euro models???    The majority were fitted with the Carello "flat tops" which are now utter hen's teeth to find......unless you find an old Alfa or Fiat dealer with some good old stock!!!

My opinion, is that if you can get good amber for front and red versions for the rear, put them in......  Don't know how they fit the original holes...........but if the job is stopped because of these down an old Fiat 850 Spyder to rob for it's lights!!!      Most people, except for the brilliant eyeballs on this board would ever know the difference!    It's Italian!

Oh, you could also put in the 1968 flush mount Dodge lights!   These are finally repopped and were a common swap to get rid of the "bug eye" originals!   My car had them....thought they were original...saw them on another car(!)....until I cleaned the old wax out of them and saw the Dodge pentastar logo!!! DOH!


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