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I'm going to hook up the new owner with all of the web sites and contacts including this one. He's are real car nut, owns 8 other cars including Lotus's Ferraris, Lamborghinis, a couple of Datsun 240zs. Great thing is that he's always wanted a Mangusta and actually sold a Ferrari Modena to make room for it!
I love the shape of the mangusta. I will be completing the restoration of the goose. I do miss the Modena 360 as it was a fast and civilized car. The goose is old and primitive but has a beautiful body. It does need more power in stock form. Currently its getting its AC system updated. Then its off to the upholstery shop for a restoration. Finally it will be stripped and repainted. Ben the new owner of the goose 1108
Welcome Ben,

Glad to see you are planning on improving and driving the Goose. Such a beautiful car and so often shut away unseen in a garage (as mine was by the previous owner for over 15 years). I hope to be able to restore mine over the next few years but that will depend on time and resources (and garage space...). I own Goose number 1114 which is the sister car to yours. Virtually identical (except condition, of course), right down to the mis-stamped VIN. Mine is also backwards. Please keep in touch and post progress pics here. If you need anything that I can help with, let me know and I will try.



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Just got the AC done and it is nice and cool and actually feels pleasant to drive. I just took apart all of the interior pieces and it all getting re-leathered. I did notice the top of the dash is actually a mouse hair material similar to early Ferrari Dinos and 365 BB. I took apart the gauges and cleaned all of the glass in and out so it looks like new again. I had a heck of a time locating rubber seals for the car. I tried Mangusta International and they were out of stock. Then I tried Hall Pantera and they only had the type of windshield moldings that had to be cut in four pieces and spliced together (too mickey mouse for me). I finally scored with They have one piece original reproductions from Italy for the Mangusta. Unfortunately all of the rubber pieces, windshield, rear rubber seals, trunk seal, inner glass seal added up to $1300. Oh well what can you do. Its not like there are a lot of choices. I wish there were replacement chrome pieces for the door as some of the trim has small dents in it. Unfortunately these pieces are not available. I did find nice Detomaso retractable seat belts from Hall Pantera and that will look much tidier than the floppy aftermarket belts installed. I'll post photos of the interior after I get all the pieces back. Keep you posted. Ben
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