Anyone have suggestions for eliminating or finding the source of a squeaky front end?

No rattles, nothing seems loose...  But speed bumps or entering the driveway sounds like a rusty bed frame on a honeymoon...  

I've lubed everything zert I can find, no difference...   I'm thinking bushings but welcome advice and suggestions.


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It is one of the heims joints at the inboard end of the A arms. Spray with fine machine oil every so often until it goes away.

Or the top balljoint which is accessable by removing three 8MM bolts at the top ball joint end of the A-arm.  Swing the upper A-arm up and you will find that there is a small bolt at the top of the ball joint, remove that and put in a zirc fitting and grease it well.



I sprayed the inboard A arms and that seems to have helped.  I already had a zert on the upper ball joints.  Perhaps done by a previous owner.  

Thanks for the direction...  Seem to have nailed it first time.

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Typically on my car, it was NOT the ball joints, but the inner a-arm bushings which are sleeved type....nylon-ish material against steel.....squeak every time!   I found they were a "grease once a year or so" depending on mileage ya put on the car.....!   Ball joints don't squeak, they just get hammered to bits......!  Heims never squeak if you grease them....but that's a three day job!  ))


I doubt very much that they will squeek again. Once stopped they are fixed.  I would forget about them.



The Mangusta has a racing chassis, not meant for daily driving, the parts are probably all short term.

The rear lower A Arms have nothing, It pays to pull the long bolts out of the lower hub carriers. The bolts are steel and the hub carriers are aluminum so some very good very thick grease is good.  Like old fashioned waterproof wheel bearing grease.

If the steel bolts and the aluminum hub carriers corrode together you get a very strange rear suspension action.  I would check to see if you can rotate them. You don't have to take them out to do that



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