Mangusta Throw out Bearing

What would be the proper throw out bearing for a 1969 (MA1050) Mangusta. It has a stock Ford pressure plate with a Chev. Disk. I just purchased a throw out bearing for a 1970 Mustang (302), looks like it will work but it�s not a nice fit around the ZF stub that contains the main shaft. Any ideas and or suggestions would be most welcome.

Bill Pedersen
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Here is the NAPA number for my T/O bearing....N1181

This is basically a 1967 T/O bearing that is meant to be pressed onto a carrier of sorts. The ZF version(?DeTomaso??) is a cast iron sleeve, with two ears on it that are held to the T/O fork with a special spring clip. This T/O bearing is pressed onto this carrier. I don't think you will find a "stock" replacement type that will work if you don't have the proper carrier.

Please advise if you need more info, and perhaps I can take a picture as mine is out of the car at the moment.

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